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USA Customer

We offer a number of benefits to customers in USA and Canada:

  • Our production lines are in Singapore and China, offering attractive pricing while at the same time maintaining product quality and control.
  • We are an English speaking country and are able to bridge the communication gaps between USA and Asia.
  • We have in-house electronic engineering resources and are able provide technical support on an engineering level. We carry out pre-processing and design rule checking locally. This means we are able to communicate technical issues quickly, efficiently and accurately with your design engineers. Approximately 50% of new jobs we process have some type of design anomaly or error, which needs to resolve prior to going into production. For this reason alone, communication between your design engineers and our engineers is essential.
  • All our quotes are in US$ and are based on a fixed price, so you do not have to worry about exchange rate variations and foreign currencies.
  • Payments can be made simply via TT or credit card. 
  • If a problem does arise, we will do whatever is necessary to fix it quickly and efficiently. If this means our engineers visiting you on site we will do that.
  • Both production boards and also samples can be shipped direct from our production line into your store providing a fast turn around service.
  • Efficient international courier companies are able to deliver samples into your store sometime within 1 day of shipping, often faster then some of the interstate services within the USA.


  • International trade agreements between Singapore and the USA have seen a lowering of import tariffs which means you can keep the full benefit of international prices.
  • The Internet has made the world small and communications and data transfer cheap and efficient. Design files Emailed to us will be received within minutes and quote returned with the same efficiency. Time differences between USA and Singapore are compensated for by our extended hours of operation.


 Contact us now or send us a request for quote and discover the difference an international supplier can make to your organisation.


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