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Track Record: Established in Australia for over 20 years and in Singapore for 25 years, The PCB Company has been supplying to both large and small Australian and international companies who have all benefited from what we have to offer.

Supplying solutions:
Our success comes from our philosophy that we don’t just supply Printed Circuit Boards, we supply a packaged solution tailored to meet your requirements.

World Competitive:
Our manufacturing lines are located in Singapore and China, enabling us to provide high quality, tight tolerance printed circuit boards at world competitive prices.

Flexibility: We are flexible with delivery schedules and are able to provide relatively fast turn around on both sample and production quantities. We support our customers and do not charge premium prices for fast turn around services.
We are not an agent: The PCB Company has its own manufacturing plant in Singapore. This means you are able to purchase Printed Circuit Boards directly from our manufacturing plant in Singapore and have the option of requesting PCB made in our plant or manufactured by one of our supply chain partners in China..

Quantity: We cater to both small and large volume demands. We can supply anything from 1 single PCB to 1 million circuits. We realise that regardless of quantity, the PCB is fundamental to your product and therefore important to your business and your production. As such we treat all customers and all orders with the attention and support that they not only desire, but deserve.

Quality: We are ISO9001-2000 accredited. We have a commitment to quality control and continuous improvement. Accreditation to ISO9001 is just one small part of our commitment to our quality control.
We have developed an in-house database business management software package which is the core of our order processing, revision control, process control, delivery scheduling, stock control, invoicing and quality control. This package has been written by us from the ground up to cater to the specific needs of our business and undergoes continuous development and improvement, in line with our continuous improvement policy.

Technical Support: We have an engineering background. This means we can support you not only at the PCB level, but also on the electronic/electrical design level. Our primary area of expertise lies within the field of real time micro-computing and impedance controlled backplane architectures where we are considered a world authority.

On time Delivery: We deliver on time. We have an Automated Business Management (ABM) system, to constantly monitor order progress, ensuring you get your boards on time.























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