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Thermally conductive aluminium backed PCBs

AL-Back™ Printed Circuits boards are a new innovative product introduced to meet the growing need for the thermal conduction of heat away from high power dissipating components, such as high power LEDS, SMD resistors, etc, or in applications where conduction cooling is a requirement.

AL-Back compared against identical circuit on std single sided 1.6mm thick FR4.

After 15 minutes the surface temperature of the SMD chip resistors used to dissipate the thermal energy reached 44.3°C above ambient on the AL-Back board, compared to a staggering 125.6°C above ambient on the equivalent FR4 board. The AL-back board's thermal conductance measured an impressive 8.9 °C per watt (1) compared to the 25.12 °C per watt for the FR4 laminate.



Infinite heatsink test AL-Back compared to standard FR4

The board under test was placed vertically onto a metallic mass with a near infinite thermal mass. A thermal compound was used between the back of the PCB and the thermal mass. The test results shown are over a period of 5 minutes. The AL-Back board reached its roll off temperature point within 15 seconds. The surface temperature of the SMD chip resistors peaked at 26.7°C above ambient on the AL-back board compared to 52.7°C above ambient on the equivalent FR4 board. The AL-back boards thermal conductance again measured an impressive 5.4°C per watt (1) compared to the 10.6°C per watt for the FR4 laminate.


(1) figure quoted is total thermal conductance measured from component package body. Performance of AL-Back product is dependent on area and shape of board, along with copper track distribution of individual design.

































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