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Basic Labels

Our labels utilise Polycarbonate or Polyester films, with a print process over the base material. Multicolour and now full colour processing is available, working from customer supplied artwork or utilising our in house design service.

Embossing is offered to enhance the graphic representation or can be used to sit over a micro switch to function as a push button key.

The labels can be used for any signage or identification purpose and can be printed with light fast inks for immunity against fading in applications exposing the labels to direct sunlight.

Labels can also be manufactured with clear windows for fitting over LCD displays or other graphic displays. Labels can be supplied with a Gloss or velvet finish.



 Product Type  Basic label
 Laminate material  Polycarbonate (Lexan™) or Polyester (Autotex™)
 Laminate Thickness

 Polycarbonate:0.127mm to .75mm
 Polyester: 0.15mm to 0.28mm

 Temperature Range

 Polycarbonate:-100degC to +130degC
 Polyester:-40degC to 80degC

 Maximum size  608mm x 608mm (24" x 24")

 Gloss and Velvet

 Adhesive  Genuine 3M 467MP (0.06mm Thick)
 Finished label thickness  0.085mm to 0.81mm (Not including embossing)
 Thickness tolerance  +/-10%
 Light fast ink available  Optional
 Clear Window  Optional
 Embossing  Optional
 Cutouts  Optional
 UV/outdoor  Optional Autotex-UV



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